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  • Can I upgrade from CADhobby to an advanced CMS IntelliCAD professional version?
    Yes, you can at the Store > UPGRADES section of
  • Can I create 3D models with CADhobby
    Yes, you can create surfaced based 3D models, using CADhobby's 3D Mesh tools or the Facet Modeler Mesh tools.
  • Can I use a CADhobby license commercially at my business?
    Sure, beware that CADhobby is intended for hobbyists and a CADhobby .dwg file is limited to contain up to 50k objects. Explore our professional grade CMS IntelliCAD CAD Software options at
  • Can I freely download a CADhobby IntelliCAD trial?
    Sure, CADhobby IntelliCAD access to the licensed installer file is freely available to members at the DOWNLOAD section of this website. To become a member you'll need to sign up as member and you can do that directly at the DOWNLOAD section of this website or at the SIGN IN top menu item of homepage. Signing up as member is also for free.
  • Is CADhobby provided as download or is it shipped to my address?
    CADhobby CAD Software is primarily, and always, provided as a download product. Additionally, users can opt to purchase a backup DVD disk + USB stick containing the software installer files and these materials are sent through regular mailing service.
  • Are my files created with CADhobby watermarked like other Pseudo "Free" CAD found on the web?
    No, they're not, and you can open your CAD files with any other CAD application able to edit or import .DWG files.
  • Are CMS CADhobby IntelliCAD software licenses permanent or time limited?
    CADhobby licenses are permanent/perpetual standalone licenses. A license can be activated on only one system.
  • Can I export my models as .STL printable files?
    Yes you can. Use EXPORT command at the CADhobby's command bar.
  • I need solids modeling CAD features, where can I get them?
    Solids modeling & the region command are provided by yhe Spatial ACIS component , and such advanced modelling features are provided at the professional grade of CMS IntelliCAD CAD Software, namely at CMS IntelliCAD Premium Edition Plus (PE PLUS) software. You can download a trial or purchase CMS IntelliCAD licenses at
  • Can I return an activated CADhobby license and get a full refund?
    No, we do not refund activated licenses. Why? CADhobby software is freely available as 15 days trial before a license purchase. Cancellation terms are stated at this website terms-of-use that all CADhobby members opt-in to.
  • I've purchased a license, where can I find it?
    The license "Activation key" is sent by email right after placing an order. Please double check you unsolicited / spam inbox and whitelist and emails.
  • I've purchased a backup DVD disk with installers, where's the shipment tracking number?
    As soon as the materials are sent by mail, an email message is also sent with the shipping information and the respective tracking number.
  • How long does the backup DVD disk takes to arrive?
    Materials are sent according to the terms-of-use of this website, please review them for information.
  • Where's my invoice/receipt?
    The invoice or receipt for your purchase is automatically sent by email. Please check your unsolicited / spam mailbox.
  • How do I move a license from my PC to a new one?
    CADhobby provides a self-service license transfer feature by deactivating a running license at the software HELP menu > License manager. NOTICE. License deactivation can only be done at the licensed PC still running your license. If you're not able to deactivate a license, no matter the reason, then such license cannot be reactivate at another system.
  • How do I get technical assistance on how to use CADhobby?
    You'll need to be a CADhobby member first. Click Login a the top menu and Sign up. Then, go to CADhobby Support Forum and post your technical queries.
  • How to I register/activate a CADhobby license?
    You can find the license registration / activation instructions at the DOWNLOAD section of We provide the option to run and activate a license at online PCs or register a license at offline PCs .
  • Does CADhobby have an User Guide / Manual?
    Sure it does, it's a PDF file that is provided a the software installer file. Users can access the User Guide at the CADhobby HELP menu > CADhobby User Guide. Additionally, CADhobby also provides a html browsable help file.


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