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Thomas Beckendorf
May 01, 2023
I'm a long time CAD developer, and I have been using IntelliCAD since Softdesk days. I am also a developer and tester with the ITC. I am writing a complete review of CADHobby for a few Facebook 3D printing and design groups I run. Here's part One: CMS CADHobby IntelliCAD The basics: CADHobby is a full version of IntelliCAD 11 with some tweaked menus for 3D design. While aimed at hobbyists, it's actually a very powerful AutoCAD clone. Limitations: This version of IntelliCAD can only be installed on one computer. Other than this, CADHobby IntelliCAD appears to be a complete and fully functional package. Customizability: As you learn and grow in your CAD and 3D design skills, you may find that new custom menus or commands will make some things easier or more efficient. IntelliCAD offers numerous customization options, including IntelliCAD AutoLISP - an extremely easy to learn coding language and subset of the LISt Processing language (LISP) that carried astronauts to the moon. "Debugging software that is running 150 million miles away is something most of us will never have to do, thankfully. But one former NASA programmer, software engineer Ron Garret, shared his experience of diagnosing faulty LISP software on a Deep Space spacecraft mission, in one recent episode of Adam Gordon Bell’s Corecursive podcast." AutoLISP is fairly easy to learn, and there are hundreds of thousands of AutoLISP routines already available on the Internet. Palette Menus: IntelliCAD includes fully customizable palette Menus to create your own one click menu actions. Tutorials and Training: As IntelliCAD is an AutoCAD clone, their command structures are nearly identical, so there are thousands of free AutoCAD training courses and videos at your fingertips.

Thomas Beckendorf

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